Travel agents flourish in Asian markets

The leading markets of China and ASEAN will play a major function to drive the tourism company the marketplace share from Asia (travel agency associated travel to Thailand), is 80% of Europe market has recovered but Russia still suffers a downturn.

Dinside no 3ue to the fast increase in traveler arrivals, the president prompted all related sectors to seriously enhance safety and security measures to improve the kingdom s tourism image.

For the first 4 months of the year, China led all incoming markets for travel agents with an improvement of 44.73% from 954,383 sees to 1,381,308 sees.

Revealing a decrease of 30.28%, Russia ranked second with 107,305 visits compared to 153,914 goes to throughout the exact same period last year.

The next leading 5 markets were: India (59,786; +6.61%); South Korea (58,748; +9.72%); and Japan (53,713; -13.48%).

In April, there were 367,919 foreign travelers who took a trip with association members at Suvarnabhumi Airport a little reducing of 0.53% from 369,896 sees throughout the same month last year.

China was the leading source of business in the fourth month of this year with 216,309 goes to growing 7.47% from 201,278 goes to.

Russia followed in second place with 18,934 visits improving 48.61% from 12,741 sees throughout the exact same month last year.

India ranked third with 17,248 visits enhancing 12.53% from 15,327 check outs.

South Korea remained in fourth location with 10,858 goes to down 0.36% from 10,897 check outs, while Vietnam remained in fifth location with 9,696 check outs down 50.99% from 19,784 visits.

The next top five markets in April were: The United Kingdom (6,851; +48.13%); Japan (6,465; -15.80%); Germany (3,598; -10.68%); Taiwan (3,267; -51.01%); and France (2,829; -11.81%).

The association also reported there were 172,500 visitors travelling with member business at Don Mueang Airport in April this year, up 64.40% from 104,924 during the same month last year.

China likewise topped the arrivals at the second Bangkok gateway recording 154,701 sees enhancing 61.29% from 95,914 goes to.

Indonesia remained in second location with 5,808 sees growing 53.65% from 3,780 go to during the exact same month last year.

Vietnam ranked third recording 5,030 visits, a boost of 548.20% from 776 visits.

Myanmar in 4th location with 1,672 check outs grew 55.97% from 1,072, while Malaysia in fifth place with 1,563 visits enhanced 149.68% from 626 go to.

The next leading 5 markets in April were: India (971; +11.23%); Taiwan (929; +1,686.54%); Japan (541; +17.61%); South Korea (532; +94.87%); and UK (131; -24.71%).

ATTA opened its 2nd office at Don Mueang Airport, 1 August 2014, to provide meet-and-greet services for member travel agents.